Residential Real Estate

Classik Incentives

Following are some of our Classik incentives when you buy or sell a home:

  • If you are buying a brand new home through a builder,
    we will just keep $1000 from the Commission we earned and refund the remaining amount.

  • If you are buying a Pre-Owned home, we will refund 50 % of the Commission earned.

  • If you are selling your home, we will sell/list your home @ 1 % Commission.

Discount Real Estate
Discount Real Estate

High lights:

  • Negotiate and Renegotiate to save you money.

  • Analyze home Values to determine market prices by comparing a home to recent sales-  and similar homes on the market; this analysis is known as " Comparable Market Analysis."

  • Commitment-Time and energy to finding you the right home.

  • Unique combination Realtor and Loan Officer.

  • Consultation is free.